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Its not Barbecue, Its bbq! Best of the Best Quality!, Originated in Korea in September 1995, BBQ Chicken has over 4,000 outlets in 60 countries around the world,including US, China and Latin America. It promotes brand recognition of the organization as a global franchise brand and stands tall with around 1,860 outlets in Korea alone. BBQ Chicken was declared the No.1 Chicken brand in Korea when its 1,000th outlet was launched in October 1999. BBQ Chicken was the first F&B franchise brand to be selected as Korea's top 100 Brands .Our goal is to reach 50,000 stores Worldwide within year 2020 and to be the largest global franchise brand in the World.

BBQ Chicken's main appeal is in their unique practice of using 100% olive oil – the first in the world to do so. Unlike off-the-shelf olive oil that burns in the fryer, the olive oil used at BBQ Chicken is specially purified to enable it to have a higher burning temperature. No pre-cooked or readily prepared meals are served at BBQ Chicken. Using only the best and freshest ingredients in our restaurants, consumers can be assured that they are served with quality chicken meal. Every item on the menu is clearly differentiated by its taste and quality. BBQ created its own inimitable formula with flavors and ingredients of Korean cuisine like Ginseng and authentic barbecue sauces etc.

Premium Cafe

Nations No. 1 Chicken Brand - BBQ

In the 1990's chicken was mainly consumed by adults as a side dish. Now BBQ has created a new chicken culture where moms and children can also enjoy chicken any where at any time. The nation's number 1 chicken BBQ is now introducing new multi concept cafes also known as the BBQ Premium Cafe.

What is BBQ Premium Cafe

It is new concept restaurant that offers chicken as well as rice, pasta, pizza, salad, coffee and mocktails. These locations also have upgraded interior, service, and reasonable price.

Global BBQ

BBQ franchises started expanded abroad in 2003 with locations in China, United States, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Vietnam, Mongolia, Turkey etc. Now they have 350 stores worldwide in 56 countries. BBQ's global is attributed to 'master franchise' method. BBQ uses this master franchise method to give local business people, who know their business the best, by giving their business know how and giving them the rights to use the BBQ logo. This is how BBQ is earning royalties worldwide. BBQ is also utilizing Korean ex-patriots loyalty and local knowledge to continue to expand globally.

A Quality control


Trust between the Company and franchisee


BBQ will respond to each problem of each franchisee online through the PRM system. Every week BBQ supervisors visit the franchisee store to consult they about franchise management.

Strict QCS Management


What's QCS?
Quality, Cleanness,Service
BBQ wants to provide the client with best taste, best hygiene, and service. That is how they are managing their locations with QCS BBQ supervisor regularly checks up on the franchisee to educate them on the QCS system. They have a computer network to troubleshoot if there is a problem and if there is one people have to go back to the chicken university to re-educate themselves.


bbQ 360°




Fresh Number 10 Korean Chicken


BBQ uses the number 10 Chicken which is chicken that is 31-34 days old. The chicken is more fresh because they use natural spring water to process the chicken. The processed chickens are rapidly delivered to each BBQ under refrigeration that insures its freshness.

30 different natural spices


The chickens that are delivered are further processed to eliminate excess fat. The chicken then goes through a proprietary salting process and is marinated in the 30 natural spices. It is marinated for 12-15 hours to ensure that the chicken has absorbed the many spices. During this process there is proprietary techniques known only to BBQ associates to create the BBQ flavor.

Olive Oil - Special Gift of God


Once the chicken has been processed it will be fried using the finest olive oil. This golden olive oil is especially suitable for frying. Since the burning point is high the oil preserves it nutrients even in 165°C temperature. In fact the olive oil coats the chicken to lock in its moisture and leaves a nice crispy coating on the outside.



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House 175/A,
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Road No 61

New Baily road

House 175/A,
1st & 2nd floor
Road No 61

House 175/A,
1st & 2nd floor
Road No 61

Tel : 01776-117788
Email : info@bbq.com.bd

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Every Day :  11:00 am – 11:00 pm

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